About Us

Chopstix is one of the most distinguished names in the culinary world as per Thai & Chinese food is concerned. Since it's inception in the year 2010 at Palarivattom, Ernakulam it has become a name to reckon with.Chopstix is known for its delectable Thai & Chinese cuisine and it's service par excellence.

Thai cooking was borrowed freely from the culinary arts of China, India and Malaya, blending these different influences to create something that is truly unique. And while Thai food has a reputation for being spicy, in reality most dishes are not. The spiciness varies by region.

Scientific results have reported that through appropriate cooking methods Thai herbs and spices have stunning effects which benefits health.Galangal,lemon grass and Thai basil which we use in our food could prevent cancer and our curries and spices also work against calories.

Our menu offers an excellent selection of traditional and contemporary recipes from Appetisers, Main courses, vegetables and Soups from Thailand & China. Each recipe includes the best and freshest ingredients with South East Asian herbs and spices to give you the vibrant, colourful & distinctive taste. We are company with a mission, which is to serve our customer with affordable & authentic cuisine without compromising either quality or taste.

At Chopstix we are committed to serve quality food and to make your every visit enjoyable, so taste yourself to the best and enjoy the relaxed ambience and great hospitality which is truly "Chopstix."